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Tuesday, April 26, 2005

It's been a while!

Tuesday 26th April 2005

Gosh! It has been ages since I last posted! Sorry!
We've been quite busy, chanding our minds as to how we are going to HE! Structured school like....eek! That, thankfully has been binned! Hurrah! We've decided to go for the semi-auto approach! I have chilled out quite a bit about this now, I was too much thinking in the box, when outside is where we wanna be!

Today has been about dolphins, we learnt about the different parts of them, where they live, how they live, etc! We painted a huge sheet of paper in different colour blues, using watercolour (aha, I knew my manic buying of all these art and crafts would be needed one day!) Then I did a template of a bottle-nose dolphin, so we could paint a dolphin each, we have had great fun doing this, and we've been discussing them while doing it!

Still haven't got a printer (well one that works) ggrrrr! It'll be much easier when we do! So I can print out info and read from it as we are 'doing' etc!

Still in the processes of making our cosmos, we have so far, painted the sun and the moon, but thats it so far!

We have discovered Education City! Jay loves it! He can already navigate his way around, he only started it this morning! Good grief! When our free trial ends will have to subscribe!

Tomorrow we are off to Maidstone bowling alley, HE group, really looking forward to it, but nervous too, as we don't know anyone! Jay doesn't know yet, as I am learning that its not good to let him know in advance of things, as he doesn't understand, next week, etc! He'd be constantly asking if it was now yet?

Right, thats enough for now me thinks! Bored you all, now i'm off! ;D

Thursday, April 14, 2005

First tentative steps!

Thursday 14th April 2005

We have had a fantastic day today (even though it was raining outside!)! Fynn did lots of breaking through the barracades i.e. the bean bag and push along train on its side, to get to his target mission.... the TV unit! With all of its pretty lights that draw him in! We are going to move the whole unit upstairs, out of the way so that it doesn't get used as much! Well that's the plan... lol! I'll keep you posted! Fynn is chattering all the time now! He says mama, dada, and ta (which sounds something like ba, but we know he means 'ta', as he says it when we are giving him something (usually food!))

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Mmmm I luurrvve food!!

Jay and I have been papier mache balloons! We put them on the radiator so they'll dry alot quicker!! Jay is looking forward to painting them, more than he liked glueing! 'sticky idea!'

This afternoon, Jay and I listened to 'Little Toe Radio' (thanks to someone on MudPud list telling us about it!) while Hama beading! Very calming and therapeutic! Jay started a flower, I didn't help him at all, I just opened the packaging and away he went, he did really well, I was extremely impressed, and told him so! He was pretty much spot on with the design! Wow!

He kind of got bored halfway through! I was doing the bunny design, when he saw that I had finished, and took it downstairs to iron it, it sparked his interest again! He wanted to do the ironing! but I had to give a firm no! He was fasinated to see what happened to the beads when I had ironed them, he was amazed when I took it off the design board all in one piece! He said 'You can iron mine when I do it tomorrow! So no doubt as soon as we get up he'll want to do it!

Wednesday 13th April 2005

t still wasn't dry! Gosh did I slather on the glue a tad too much, in the fear that the kitchen roll wouldn't stick properly?This morning I went out, partly to get the 'correct' shape balloons, and partly just to get out on my own for a little, as Ty was off today! I ended up not only getting the balloons, but also buying some mellatic poster paints (which we have been after for ages!!), more hama beads, even though I have an order coming through, Jay is so impatient! When I told him we had hama beads coming, he kept saying 'are we getting our delivery today?' I'm sure it won't take long, but a few days is an awful long time to a 4 year old!! So I got him a cute flowers and bunnies kit!! Once we are up and 'hama' running, I order more well in advance!I wanted to spend the afternoon, continuing our cosmos creation, but I had to go on an errand of mercy, which I won't go into here! All i'll say is I didn't get home til gone 6pm, Fynn was already in bed, and Jay rushed out to me and said 'mama you've been a long time, you were supposed to come back a minute ago!' ah, he's so cute! I explained, why I had been so long, he just looked at me and said 'ok!' and gave me a gorgeous big hug!He was very excited when I showed him the round balloons, and is eagerly anticapating tomorrow! I suggest that perhaps we should use our first attempt as a head, he can paint a face on it, as it is rather head-like in shape!We read Mr Twiddle, Jay's current bedtime stories, which we all thoroughly enjoyed! Then off he goes to bed! I must go through the art and craft cupboard! Its starting to bulge at the seams! I can't seem to stop adding to it though! I am art and craft mad!!!

Tuesday 12th April 2005

Art Attack!
Jay and Fynn and I went out this morning hunting for balloons, sellotape, PVA glue, and kitchen roll! Vital ingredients to the creation of our very own cosmos! Jay wanted to start by making the moon! So we bought all that we needed, except pva, couldn't buy it anywhere! typical! luckily it turns out that we already had some (buried in the abyss that is the art and craft cupboard!)!Blew up the balloon, and realised that we had got the wrong shape *groan!* Never mind! the moon will just have to look a bit weird! Shredded loads of kitchen roll, mixed up glue, and we're set! When Jay realised that this was quite a sticky job, he was less enthusiastic than before! 'Mama, I don't like the sticky idea!' he says to me, so I do most of the papier mache, and he helps every now and then! I think he will take over the painting though! Team work!Currently waiting for it to dry, should be by morning, does it normally take so long to dry? I haven't done papier mache since I was a child!! I wonder if Jay will want to pop the balloon tomorrow morning! I'll let you know!

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This is our little pond! We created Sunday! Should've taken a before picture! This picture was taken on Monday and as you can see we have two goldfish, floating in a plastic bag while they acclimatise themselves to our pond! Jay was so excited choosing his fish! He chose the biggest one in the tank, with a red streak across the top and silvery down the sides! We got a reed plant

Monday 11th April 2005
Jay came back this morning! It is always so lovely to see him back!The first we did was to have a massive cuddle! Then we put the frogspawn/tadpoles into the pond, he was so excited when he found out that we were going to buy some fish as well! He just kept saying 'are we going to buy some fish in a minute mama? Can I catch some fish, and put them in the pond?!!' and kept on saying it till we actually had got the fish! I have taken som pics of the new additions, when I can I shall upload them!The next piece of exciting news that I told him was 'the holiday', 'really mama? Are we really going on holiday? Where are we going?' He was even more excited when I told him that we were going to stay in a caravan!This afternoon we had visitors, Ty's friend and her little boy, and was such a gorgeous day that we sat out in the garden (which is starting to look lovely! About time! Only taken me over two years!)I had made salt dough for Jay, I put his table in the garden and we had a lovely time, cutting out shapes, I made a huge flower shape! Pics to follow, of hard work in progress!Then I decided that they needed to be baked in the oven, so in they went! When they came out they were all puffed up!! Oh dear! We have left them on the baking tray, and will reassess in the morning! Hopefully they will be ok? Jay will be disapointed if they've had it, he is so looking forward to painting them!Anyone have any good ideas when it comes to salt dough? All ideas gratefully received! I've only made it up twice, a bit of a novice!

Salt Dough!

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Hard at work creating a masterpiece!

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Sunday 10th April 2005

Missing Jay as he is visiting his dad, grandma and grandad this weekend!! He is back tomorrow morning at 8! Hurrah!I booked the holiday to Kessington yesterday!! (so excited!) Can't wait to tell Jay tomorrow, he is going to be so excited! Especially as he has never been on holiday!!

Monday, April 11, 2005

Getting Started

Wow! Well, here goes! I have never done this before, so i'm a bit nervous! Er...?

Hello everyone! I am Debs, i'm married to Ty, we have 2 children with us, another one Jack, who lives with his mum, and aaron who is all grown up now! (confused?)

My eldest is Jay, he is four, who will soon be 'officially' home educating! Yay!
Fynn is next up, he is very nearly one!! clb....! where does the time go?

We have just spent the day creating our little pond (i'll post pics real soon! shame I didn't do a 'before' shot! ;0)) We are going to intoduce some frogspawn, and fish (only 4/5, as I said, a weenie pond!) into it tomorrow, so we'll let you know how that goes! Hopefully when the spawn hatches, become tadpoles, then frogs, they will eat the pesky snails and slugs that destroyed all (my hard sowing) seedlings efforts last year!!