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Monday, May 09, 2005

Month of May!!


I've done it again! Neglected my blog! How did it happen? I have no idea!! ;op

April 23rd saw Fynn turning 1!!! That year has gone scarily fast! Hopefully i'll be able to blog some pics soon, but at the the moment my computer doesn't like me uploading them from my camera, not sure why, it just restarts everytime I hook it up! :o(

Two weeks ago we went to a HE group, bowling, it was in Maidstone so it was out of our way... where are the more local groups is what I want to know!! We enjoyed the bowling and at the end got to chat with some of the others, they were lovely! We won't be able to go regularly though as it is so far! :o(

Today I was organising a trip to Dover castle, and I discovered that as we home educate we get to visit all the english heritage sites for free!! I thought that we might get a reduction in price but not free!! Everybody else probably already knows this, but I was very excited.....! Maybe I should get out more, lol! ;o)