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Monday, November 17, 2008

I haven't touched my spinning stuff since my first go of it! *sigh* I don't want all that stuff just hanging around gathering dust somewhere... Would be nice to get some of my money back on it! Why do I have to buy loads of stuff, rather than just what I need to try it out and see if I like it or not! *is annoyed at self*

Pregnancy is going really well! Still have the really low bp, but that isn't a shocker, I just have low bp.. Bubs is moving around lots, which is lovely!!! Apart from finding it difficult to walk any kind of distance (I get ligament pain, mild spd maybe?) everything is fab!!

This is the first time I have mentioned it here, but I make my own products. Hair conditioners, healing salves, skin creams, facial cleanser, soap, whipped bath cream (lathering), whipped sugar scrubs (coming soon, I only have to add sugars to the bath creams!), bath bombs. In the near future I want to start making bubble bars, and a liquid shampoo.

I have been talking for years now about setting up my own business, but I find it scary, so it has just been talk. I am starting to feel really restless about it now. If I were to be successful it would be my financial contribution to the family without taking me away from them, which is very important to me!!!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

The BPAL love!

OK, so I love BPAL so not knitting related, but hey! I don't know how to do separate sections, so it'll all be jumbled up.

I had a huge collection of rare bpal perfumes, but in my wisdom I decided to sell off a load because I decided that I wasn't going to be wearing them again.... Ha! Now I am really regretting doing that, only the Pink Phoenix, Pink Moon '05 & '07, my gorgeous full bottle of Strawberry Moon. I can't buy these perfumes from the etailer as they are all limited edition.. *kicks self hard in the shins!* Grrrrr

Right now I am wearing Pink Moon '07 and it is so gorgeous *sigh* It is very sweet and spicy as in spicy carnation flowers. Here is the description from the lab:

Pink Moon 2007: A sweet and silly compliment to the first breath of Spring! Sugared carnation and phlox!

I have ordered some perfumers alcohol so that I can turn the oils into a spray, it makes the perfume go further and last longer (scent wise), apparently.

I have my eye on a new LE oil at the moment, it is called Sticky Pillowcase, something to do with being full of candy, it's a US thing. This is what it says:

Terminal sugar rush. A little candy bag, upended. Smushed candy corn, rock candy dust, marshmallow gunk, strawberry goo, spun blue sugar, globs of salt water taffy, and lint.

I love the sweet scents best of all, I can't get enough of them. Which is why at one point I had about 12 bottles of Pink Moon '05 (from the 'A Little Lunacy' line):

The name of this moon refers to the color of wild ground phlox, a primary component of this Lunacy Blend, which is one of the most widespread floral signposts of springtime in North America. This Lunar blend is soft with phlox, tulip, daffodil, dogwood and muscari, dusted with pink sugar and honey, and a touch of the first strawberries of the season.

I have about 6 now.

Strawberry Moon:
Strawberry moon is a blending of strawberries and cream with light, dry lotus and soft ylang ylang and a touch of green tea and sage to bring it closer to Earth.

This smells absolutely beautiful, why, oh why did I get rid of that full bottle!! *cries*

Thursday, September 04, 2008


Whee!! I have spun my first yarn!!!

Whee!! I have spun my first yarn!!!

A grand total of 11g! lol I didn't start until late, but I am looking forward to spinning some more tomorrow!!

I am thinking of buying some Wensleydale wool tops, I hear it is supposed to be the most gorgeous fibre!!! :o)

I am off to bed now!

21 week scan!

I had my 21 week scan, and we have healthy baby boy! The sonographer was really thorough checking his heart, brain, stomach, etc. I saw him moving his lips, I could see his cute nose! The scan equipment was really good actually! We got some lovely pictures too! :o)

My 1 kilo each of BFL, UK Shetland, and Alpaca/silk arrived today! The Shetland feels just as soft as the BFL! I haven't opened the bag of Alpaca/silk yet, I haven't had time! Jude has been really poorly all day :( He has had a temp of 39.2, very clingy and sleepy, so I have been cuddled up to him most of the day. I tried him with Chamomilla remedy first, no change, then I tried him on Arsen Alba and he did improve, his temperature came down, and he became more alert too. Come 7pm he was askingto go to bed, I think he was slumping again. :( I have an appointment at the hospital tomorrow to have a tooth pulled, oh joy, but if he is still bad I won't be able to go, which will just prolong it, I just want it over with, so it can heal!

I feel tired, grouchy, slightly sick quite alot, and generally blah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The joys of pregnancy! LOL

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Mega fluffy day!!

Okay, once I took a step back and thought rationally, I realised that my parcels couldn't have just disappeared, not from 3 different senders. Although it didn't help my impatience , hmmm, maybe it did......

Everything bar the silk fluff from Fyberspates (which she sent separately) came today!


3 parcels worth!

My camera needs new batteries, so I'll take some more detail pictures later of all the gorgeous fluff!!

Friday, August 29, 2008

Okay, a bit worried. My drop spindle package still isn't here :o( I am worried because the lady who sent it forgot to put the silk in the box, so sent it separately, the silk arrived with my normal post today, no sign of the box though. *cries* I tried ringing to see if they were sent on the same day, or if she sent the silk a day later.. I had to email her as there was no answer on the phone.

Oh and I am slightly annoyed too! I received the other items from the US with no fees to pay, because on the customs form it was made clear that they were children's clothes in them. I am annoyed because one of the packages I had to pay fees on said 'shirt & yarn' on the form, if she had put 'children's shirt' on there, it would have got to me without the added fees. I'll email her later and let her know, so in future if she sends baby clothes over to the UK, to put it on the form!!!!

Off to sulk now.....

Thursday, August 28, 2008

I feel so sad....

Still no sign of my spindles. She posted it recorded yesterday, so I was hoping that they would come today! *sigh* Ooh, I found some wool combs today, so I ordered those along with a diz, and some Mulberry silk... *rollseyes*


Tilli Tomas!
The top one is Rock Star, the bottom one is Pure & Simple 100% Silk, Mmmmmm I have 4 of the P&S and 2 of the RS

Merino Tops, in the most gorgeous colours, and yes, they do have that beautiful sheen to them irl!

The following photos are of the yarn that has been rolling in the last week:

The yarns sitting on the tees are the co ordinating colours to go with the tees, both are Jude's. The yarn on the left is called 'Joseph's Coat' Lisa. The yarn+ black trim on the bottom is the yarn that doesn't feel as soft as the other Merinos, it has a cottony feel to it. I just need to knit these all up now!! My knitting projects list is getting longer and longer, what with all the spinning I have planned to do as well!

Close up of the super cute caterpillar, the yarn with the pink trim sitting in the middle is for a longie/hat set for the baby! ;o)

Be prepared for photo overload again tomorrow when me packages come rolling in, and then that is it for me, I am putting myself firmly on the wagon for a while!! :oP

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

I don't believe it!! Parcel Force have just been and delivered my Tilli Tomas 100% Silk, no customs charges/handling fees to pay!! Yay! So I am expecting one customs charge/handling fee form now, from my yarn from Under The Cherry Tree. I think I was lucky getting away with that this time!! When he knocked I thought (hoped! *grin*) that it was one of the packages with drop spindles in it! I am itching to start spinning!!

Talking of spinning....

Last night I went to my first quilting group, I have never done quilting before, but the lady whose house we were at very kindly gave me fabric, and so I cut out hexagonal templates and then cut out the fabric, and started sewing them together, I really enjoyed it, and I am looking forward to going again next Tuesday (1week we are at someones house, the following week we at at a church)! She had a beautiful appliqué quilt, that was used as a wall hanging, I loved it, she is going to lend me the pattern so I can do it. It is a black background with really brightly coloured pieces of felt that have been cut out and hand sewed onto the background, very effective! For the present moment though I am concentrating on doing my cushion appliqué! I was looking at some stunning fabrics last night online.....

Anyhoo to get to the spinning part! At the end I was asking one of the ladies if she did any other crafts, she mentioned spinning, so I immediately said that I was just getting into spinning and that I am (im)patiently waiting for a drop spindle to be delivered. She said that had she known she would have bought one for me, and then asked where I was getting my fibres from.. I said about buying the Alpaca fleece, and then she said that she has a shed FULL of fleece/fibres, and she is going to sort me out some!! How cool is that?!! She said that she had been thinking of getting rid of all her spinning stuff as she hasn't done any in ages. The lady who was hosting also said that she had a drop spindle in the attic! :o)

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Oh no!!

I picked up my parcels from the PO today, and they were not the ones that I thought they were!! I am expecting another 2 custom charges now. :o( I won't be getting yarn from the US again!! The custom charges aren't too bad, it is the bloody ridiculously high handling fee lumped on by the PO, £8 per item!!!! AND I said so to the guy at the sorting office, who agreed with me!! ;) *sigh*

On the upside, the yarn I got was lovely! One was Cestari Fine Merino (although it doesn't feel like any Merino I have ever felt, not really soft at all...), the colourway is 'Hazy Twilight' very nice colours! The other package was from Mosaic Moon, a gorgeous long sleeved tie dyed top, and the yarn in a matching colourway 'Rainbow with Black' the wool is Uruguay Merino Wool' this is very soft! *drools* This is to be part of Jude's Autumn/Winter wardrobe.

I phoned my mum today, I hadn't spoken to her for weeks!! She is coming over next week, it will be lovely to see her, as we haven't seen her in months!!! My sister is well known for telling people whether the baby they are carrying is a boy or a girl, she got each one of my boys right, and was spot on with all her pregnant friends too!! My mum told me that she said that I was having a girl this time. :o) I really think I am too, this pregnancy is so different to when I pregnant with my boys. I am suspecting that the baby I lost last year was a girl too, because the pregnancy was identical to this one, including the sudden loss of symptoms, which was scary when that happened again this time, but thankfully baby was ok !! I have my anomaly scan a week Thursday, I am really looking forward to it!

I am struggling to eat this time, I have zero appetite! I made us dinner earlier, but I could only eat half of mine! I wasn't hungry to begin with, but I have to eat, so I make myself! I had my first attack of heartburn last night, urgh.

I wanted to try needle felting ages ago, so I bought a pack of Merino cross tops, in a variety of colours, including white, the felting never took off. I had the wool tops in storage, and now I want to get into spinning I am so happy I have them, but I don't have a spindle yet, but in one of the books I bought 'Hands On Spinning' by Lee Raven, she says about drafting and twisting using only your hands at first, so I'll be trying that out later, I am so impatient!! ;o)

One of the other books I bought came today! 'Spinning in the Old Way' by Priscilla A. Gibson-Roberts. I haven't read any if it, hopefully I'll have a chance to read some later... Although I have just remembered that I am going to a quilting group later! Maybe I won't get to do any drafting either! I'll take some with me, and see if I get a chance to do some there, although it is quilting! LOL

I have ordered MORE stuff today! A pair of hand carders, for my Alpaca fleece, MORE fibres, a collection of Ashford spindles, and some dyes.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Appledene Alpacas

We had a lovely day today! When we left home it started raining!! Ty really wasn't keen at all, but because I wanted to go he took us! *grin* It took us about 45 minutes to get there, and when we arrived the weather had brightened up, the rain banished! When we went in, Jude pointed to the Alpacas and said 'sheep!' *giggle* Then he said that they were goats.... He got it in the end though!! They had some lovely fleeces for sale, and I bought one of them! It was her 1st cut, and feels lovely, and has a lovely lustre! :o) We saw the baby Alpacas, looking very fluffy and cute.. Jude didn't want to leave in the end.

The following 3 pictures are of Eponine, she is the Alpaca that my fleece came from! :o)

Everyone was very friendly, and we had a lovely time. The only thing that disappointed me was that the spinning demo wasn't on, because it was bank holiday weekend, the lady who does it was booked elsewhere (I can't remember where now though!)

On the upside, I found a lady local to me who gives one to one tuition, on spinning, dyeing, etc. I will ring tomorrow and book a basic spinning course, and go from there. I would love to find a group of knitters/spinners locally to me.....

Saturday, August 23, 2008

I ended up frogging the shrug! I'll start it again in a bit!

I forgot to mention all the goodies that I ordered yesterday from Fyberspates! :o)

Scrumptious DK 'Foxglove' x3
Deep Purple scrumptious DK x3
Undyed tussah silk
Spinning Kit (I am really excited about getting this kit, been thinking about trying spinning for a little while)
Lacey Mohair shrug kits
Scrumptious Merino/silk roving 'Leprechaun'

I got TWO custom charge forms delivered from the PO today!! I was expecting one, but I have just remember what the other would be! Damn! One is £12.22, the other is 13.63. I can't even get them until Tuesday because of Bank Holiday Monday! Fess up time.... One is for about $180 worth of 100% Silk Tilli Tomas yarn, to do the Simple Knitted Bodice, I think the other one is this and this. Well, I will find out Tuesday! I do have other stuff coming from the US too, but not as much moneywise as those others. *blushes* I am blooming MAD!!!!

Friday, August 22, 2008

Feeling a bit queasy at the moment! Ick!

I didn't start the Swallowtail shawl today! I started the one skein wonder instead!! I am using Noro Kochoran, can't remember the colour number right now, all the other skeins are upstairs, and I am too tired to find out now! I'll find out tomorrow!

I am hoping to go to Appledene Alpacas on Sunday, dh isn't too keen at the moment, but I'm working on him!! Told him that the boys would love to see the Alpacas, etc!! I think that he thinks there will just be piles of yarn everywhere, and he'll be bored! lol

Ack, I need to go to bed, I need sleep!!!

Thursday, August 21, 2008


We have all got nits! Urgh!!! So we are all sporting lovely oiled up (neem and sweet almond oils) hair, and smelling like tea tree! Nasty little buggers!

I got my gorgeous 100% silk, lace weight yarn the other day, I love it, although a pain in the arse to hand wind into a ball, took me ages!! Beautiful colourway, from the talented Jeni at
Fyberspates! I ordered Addis Turbo lace circs, I thought they would have arrived today, I was looking forward to starting this. Never mind, they'll come tomorrow no doubt! I have never done lace knitting before, so I feel a bit nervous, daft I know!

My extra 100g of 'Enchanted' came this morning!! Thank you very muchly!! Yes Sarah it is more yellowy, but still lovely! As you know I don't have to worry about the legs as the longies are finished, so I'll just be using it to do the hat anyway, and if I have enough left, an icord drawstring, but I'll do the hat first!!! :o) I'll start on that tomorrow hopefully, then that little set will be done!

I am feeling nervous about my expensive 100% silk yarns I have coming from the US coming through customs, and how much it is going to cost me in charges! I bought them to do this, it is the version with the long sleeves, I fell in love with this bodice, and I can't wait to start knitting it up! I bought the recommended yarn, Pure & Simple, and Rock Star by Tilli Tomas
in burnt olive.

Oh, I finished 'Flumps' newborn longies last night, I'll take a picture tomorrow and upload it. The yarn I used was Colinette Iona, very soft to work with!

Nearly halfway through the pregnancy now, I can't believe how quick that has gone!! I have gone into cleaning/tidying mode big time now. lol

Monday, August 18, 2008


I finished Jude's longies today! I *did* have enough wool to finish them, but not the icord too, but that's ok I am getting another skein soon, although I do have a cone of a dark green wool in Aran weight, so I'll find that, it probably won't matter for the drawstring!!

I love these longies they look so cool! I tried them on him earlier to check that the back of the body was going to cover his nappy, and he really liked them, he cried when I took them off!! I need to find him a funky tee now to go with! Any ideas?

I used the adorabubble longies pattern, knitting 'bottom up' I did change the pattern a bit though to give them a slight flair in the legs, and I did different short rows too.

This is what they looked like last night, front and back:

This is what they look like now:


I'll get action shots tomorrow before I wash and lanolise them, though he is really hard to take pictures of, he doesn't seem to understand that he just to stand there and look cute! lol

This is the wool for the 'My So Called Scarf' pattern:

I wound a couple of the skeins into balls to start knitting it.

I tried out the magic loop for knitting 2 socks at once, I DON'T GET IT! ARGH!!!!!!!!!!! I cast on the first sock and knitted a couple of rounds, then I cast on the 2nd sock and, erm..... *scratches head* what now? I can't join in the round for the 2nd pair, it is impossible! I need to either grab someone irl who can do it, to show me, or I need to see a video of someone actually doing it, I can knit 1 thing using the magic loop, but not two things at once. *cries* I keep reading how easy this is too, it is frustrating!

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Yummy Yarns!

I love yarn! I have bought quite a few skeins from Mamalonglegs Yay, it worked, how easy was, that? Duh!

Here are the 2 most recent colourways that I bought from Mamalonglegs. The top is is 'Olivia' and the bottom is 'Bluebell' she did the trim in the purple for me, I am looking forward to knitting these up, these are both earmarked for longies.

These skeins are from Colinette. Iona - Alizarine (on the left), Iona - Magenta (These are more pinks than reds, very pretty). Iona is a blend of wool, kid mohair, and silk. *yum*

These 2 are also from Mamalonglegs! 'Summer Fruits' and 'Enchanted'

I'll take some pictures of what 'Enchanted' looks like now. *grin* I have finished the other leg of the longies, I will start the body tonight! And the gorgeous 4 skeins of Manos del Uruguay Wool - Wool Classica in pinks, very yummy! These are earmarked for a scarf, and hopefully a hat.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Fluffy Daze

Saturday! Finished the leg of Jude's 'Enchanted' longies last night. Started the next one, one skein has done 1 1/4 legs, it is going to be very tight whether or not I am going to have enough yarn! Eeek! I do have another skein coming, so if I need to use it, I am hoping that it will just be the waistband maybe! I decided to buy another skein because I adore this colourway so much, I needed another just to stroke, only kidding! *grin* I want to make Jude a hat with the same colourway. I want to do this with all the longies too, so when it is freezing outside, they will be coordinated! *grin*

I found some instructions on knitting 2 socks at once with the magic loop, so I am going to give it a go, I've not tried socks with the magic loop, only longies, and my, how frustrating that is!! Maybe this will help me to get it!!

Fluffy mail today! = a crochet pattern 'Bessie's Blanket Throw', from The Natural Dye Studio, and a skein of their Alpaca/Silk DK yarn in 'Pale Flora' (I bought this to start the crochet squares, but I now want to use it for socks! I'll have to get to get a dk skein from Mamalonglegs, I love her hand dyed yarn!!)) I have a cool sock pattern in one of my Simply Knitting mags, cool because it is a spiral sock, I don't have to work a heel flap, and all that jazz) I have the 100cm 4mm circs for it, so I am going to try it!! Talking of socks, I found 2 skeins of sock yarn in my stash the other day when I was reorganising it.. I couldn't remember the colourway, or where I had got them from... I have just accidentally found out! They are from the Natural Dye Studio, and are called 'Delphinium Ocean' and is as pretty as it sounds, it is a Alpaca/Merino blend! I will start adding photos (if I can remember how!), when I buy a new camera, the one I have takes the most crappy pictures!! I bought it second hand, because I drop our one on the carpet, and it broke (We had it for about 4 years though). If I use the flash it either completely wipes out the object and all you get is white light, or you can see the picture, but it washes out the colour (what good is that when you wanna show off gorgeous COLOURways?), if I don't use the flash, everything is too dark. I want my camera back, wah!!

Hmm, how do I link to stuff? I have to learn alot about the technical stuff of blogging properly!

Tomorrow hopefully I can blog about all the gorgeous yarn I received over the last week or two, I do have some pictures, but like I said before they are not great!

Friday, August 15, 2008

A New Start!

I haven't been near this blog for a long time!! A lot has happened too! We no longer HE, we felt that as a family we were not benefiting from it, I wasn't able to spend enough time with my younger children, who each in their own ways need their time with me! J is much happier in school too, and is really enjoying it, he only just started a short while ago, 7 weeks before the end of term. When he goes back he will be going into year 3. Fynn starts reception in September too, only 2 1/2 days a week until November, then starts going full time. It will be just me and Jude at home during the day then, that will be really odd!

Fynn has an appointment with the speech and language team on the 21st August, as I still have some concerns about him. I wish that he had some time in going to play school first to be honest, I really feel that he would have benefited from it, *sigh* I can't go back and change it though....

I am 18 weeks pregnant with our 4th child After I had a missed miscarriage last year I have felt very worried and uneasy, but now I feel a lot better about it, I am almost half way through the pregnancy. We have our anomaly scan on the 4th September, and it will be just me and my 3 boys, dh will be working.....

This blog will mainly be about knitting, and my yarn addiction, lol! Cloth nappy addiction, and general family ramblings! Not sure if I can change the title of this or not?