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Thursday, September 04, 2008


Whee!! I have spun my first yarn!!!

Whee!! I have spun my first yarn!!!

A grand total of 11g! lol I didn't start until late, but I am looking forward to spinning some more tomorrow!!

I am thinking of buying some Wensleydale wool tops, I hear it is supposed to be the most gorgeous fibre!!! :o)

I am off to bed now!

21 week scan!

I had my 21 week scan, and we have healthy baby boy! The sonographer was really thorough checking his heart, brain, stomach, etc. I saw him moving his lips, I could see his cute nose! The scan equipment was really good actually! We got some lovely pictures too! :o)

My 1 kilo each of BFL, UK Shetland, and Alpaca/silk arrived today! The Shetland feels just as soft as the BFL! I haven't opened the bag of Alpaca/silk yet, I haven't had time! Jude has been really poorly all day :( He has had a temp of 39.2, very clingy and sleepy, so I have been cuddled up to him most of the day. I tried him with Chamomilla remedy first, no change, then I tried him on Arsen Alba and he did improve, his temperature came down, and he became more alert too. Come 7pm he was askingto go to bed, I think he was slumping again. :( I have an appointment at the hospital tomorrow to have a tooth pulled, oh joy, but if he is still bad I won't be able to go, which will just prolong it, I just want it over with, so it can heal!

I feel tired, grouchy, slightly sick quite alot, and generally blah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The joys of pregnancy! LOL

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Mega fluffy day!!

Okay, once I took a step back and thought rationally, I realised that my parcels couldn't have just disappeared, not from 3 different senders. Although it didn't help my impatience , hmmm, maybe it did......

Everything bar the silk fluff from Fyberspates (which she sent separately) came today!


3 parcels worth!

My camera needs new batteries, so I'll take some more detail pictures later of all the gorgeous fluff!!