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Thursday, October 16, 2008

The BPAL love!

OK, so I love BPAL so not knitting related, but hey! I don't know how to do separate sections, so it'll all be jumbled up.

I had a huge collection of rare bpal perfumes, but in my wisdom I decided to sell off a load because I decided that I wasn't going to be wearing them again.... Ha! Now I am really regretting doing that, only the Pink Phoenix, Pink Moon '05 & '07, my gorgeous full bottle of Strawberry Moon. I can't buy these perfumes from the etailer as they are all limited edition.. *kicks self hard in the shins!* Grrrrr

Right now I am wearing Pink Moon '07 and it is so gorgeous *sigh* It is very sweet and spicy as in spicy carnation flowers. Here is the description from the lab:

Pink Moon 2007: A sweet and silly compliment to the first breath of Spring! Sugared carnation and phlox!

I have ordered some perfumers alcohol so that I can turn the oils into a spray, it makes the perfume go further and last longer (scent wise), apparently.

I have my eye on a new LE oil at the moment, it is called Sticky Pillowcase, something to do with being full of candy, it's a US thing. This is what it says:

Terminal sugar rush. A little candy bag, upended. Smushed candy corn, rock candy dust, marshmallow gunk, strawberry goo, spun blue sugar, globs of salt water taffy, and lint.

I love the sweet scents best of all, I can't get enough of them. Which is why at one point I had about 12 bottles of Pink Moon '05 (from the 'A Little Lunacy' line):

The name of this moon refers to the color of wild ground phlox, a primary component of this Lunacy Blend, which is one of the most widespread floral signposts of springtime in North America. This Lunar blend is soft with phlox, tulip, daffodil, dogwood and muscari, dusted with pink sugar and honey, and a touch of the first strawberries of the season.

I have about 6 now.

Strawberry Moon:
Strawberry moon is a blending of strawberries and cream with light, dry lotus and soft ylang ylang and a touch of green tea and sage to bring it closer to Earth.

This smells absolutely beautiful, why, oh why did I get rid of that full bottle!! *cries*