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Monday, November 17, 2008

I haven't touched my spinning stuff since my first go of it! *sigh* I don't want all that stuff just hanging around gathering dust somewhere... Would be nice to get some of my money back on it! Why do I have to buy loads of stuff, rather than just what I need to try it out and see if I like it or not! *is annoyed at self*

Pregnancy is going really well! Still have the really low bp, but that isn't a shocker, I just have low bp.. Bubs is moving around lots, which is lovely!!! Apart from finding it difficult to walk any kind of distance (I get ligament pain, mild spd maybe?) everything is fab!!

This is the first time I have mentioned it here, but I make my own products. Hair conditioners, healing salves, skin creams, facial cleanser, soap, whipped bath cream (lathering), whipped sugar scrubs (coming soon, I only have to add sugars to the bath creams!), bath bombs. In the near future I want to start making bubble bars, and a liquid shampoo.

I have been talking for years now about setting up my own business, but I find it scary, so it has just been talk. I am starting to feel really restless about it now. If I were to be successful it would be my financial contribution to the family without taking me away from them, which is very important to me!!!