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Saturday, November 06, 2010


My aunty rang me today, my granny is in hospital, she is very ill, she has so many different complications and having to have so many tests.  I haven't seen her yet, but I am going to see her tomorrow, with my aunty and grandad.

They found out that she had had a heart attack, she has type 2 diabetes and her blood sugar had dropped so low that she went into shock, her liver is failing, she has several stomach ulcers, one of which is bleeding, they managed to treat that as soon as they discovered it, so that alleviated some of the pain she is in, it was a large one and was causing a blockage.  Her fallopian tubes have collapsed causing bleeding and the hospital where she is doesn't have a gynae department so they can't do anything about it there, she has to transfer to another one for treatment for that, but not until she has been treated and recovered (praying oh so hard that she does!).

The positives are that she is now able to drink fluids and the bed that she is in has helped her legs, the swelling was so bad in her leg and foot that she couldn't move her toes, she can now!

Grandad is so worried about her and she is worried about him!

Saturday, October 30, 2010

A quick update

Well, my baby girl is here, and she is just perfect, I couldn't be more in love with her, she is such a joy and blessing to our little family!
She was born 22nd September, the first day of the autumn equinox at 14.59, weighing 9lb 13oz, at home, I had a birthing pool, although I actually gave birth on dry land because I had to get out at the last minute because her heart rate had dropped so low.

Obviously since her arrival everything is a lot harder to do, just about keeping on top of the day to day household tasks that need doing, but I don't mind because I want to enjoy her babyhood rather then if my house is sparkling, lol   She loves being help and cuddled lots and I love holding her and cuddling her, as she gets older and settles more there will be more time to get back into the house routine.  See this why in generations gone by they used to have the parents living with them, to help with the daily household chores, etc, how it has changed.  lol

I have found a renewed enthusiasm for sewing, so I purchased some PDF patterns, only I can't print them because my printer isn't compatible with Windows Vista on my laptop and my old PC has died, so I am stuck, I feel annoyed at having to buy another one because I have a perfectly working printer already!!  Madness!!

I will try and update with more regular ramblings each week and adding current photos.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

I am having a GIRL!

Yep, after my 4 very gorgeous boys, I am having a little girl!! The scan was amazing, it was so lovely to see she was ok, because of the anterior placenta I don't feel her moving as much as the boys, so it causes me worry!! I am feeling more movements now, mostly the odd kick to the left side, but today because I was panicking about her, I squished the side of my bump a little and I felt her move, lol I actually felt movement across the top of my bump!! I can't believe I am a little over a week off getting to the halfway point!! Where is the time going?

Oh and I really must start my prenatal yoga dvd!! I have had it ages and still not even looked at it! Hubby is off playing snooker tomorrow evening, so I WILL watch it then after my Lush bath (going to try their Blue Skies and Fluffy White Clouds bubble bar), and maybe even start it, lol It says it has meditations on there too, which I am really looking forward to doing! I would love to go to a local prenatal yoga class here, but to get to the nearest I would have to drive there, and I don't drive, yet. :-( BUT today I looked into a random shop window and saw an ad for meditation classes about a 10 minute walk from here, I am so interested in that! They had a website, so I will check that out first.

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

I am on my third day of baking my own bread! Monday was the 1st, wholegrain loaf it came out ok, edible, but definitely needed improvement! Tuesday granary loaf, much better than yesterday, the crust wasn't as hard and it wasn't as heavy! I have prepared 2 loaves today, 1 wholegrain and 1 wholegrain/granary, the wholegrain one is baking in the oven as I type, I am more hopeful for this one,a s I noticed on the second rising it had risen more than it had before!! Fingers crossed!!

I have doing some research on the internet and apparently adding spelt to the flour mix will help make a lighter loaf! I will try it. I am not a fan of white bread, but I am going to get some white bread flour and do a mix to see if that helps to create a lighter loaf.

The goal is to create a recipe that makes a lovely light loaf of bread, with a nice crunchy crust!

16 weeks and 5 days pregnant today! :-) Last night I *think* I felt 2 kicks, they were on the left side. I feel sad when I think that I won't see little hands and feet on my bump when I am bigger, because of the anterior placenta! :-( Especially as this is my last pregnancy now! :-(

Back to the bread, I will update later on the outcome!! lol

Sunday, March 28, 2010

I just read back one of my '08 posts, and I mentioned about wanting to start up my own business, I am STILL talking about it now, lol I have added Jewellery, Wax Tarts and Candles to my list. I have people wanting to know how much I am selling my products for... Maybe I need to do a setting up a business course, I think that is what is putting me off, I don't have a clue when it comes to managing a business, eep!
Ty took all the kids out this morning, I had so much to do in the house and the garden that I decided to stay behind. I thought I would get loads done, but it wasn't meant to be. Within 10 minutes of the gang going I had a phone call that lasted about an hour and half, no sooner had the call ended then the door went, and I still couldn't do anything, until they had gone, lol. I did manage to do the downstairs carpets with my carpet sweeper (my new best friend, lol), whilst on the phone. I had *just* gone out to the garden to sow the seeds that desperately needed doing, when Ty and the kids came back!

So far I have sown:

Tomatoes - the basket/container variety
Spring Onions

That is it I think for now with the veg and fruit. I thought I had carrot seeds too, but couldn't find the packet. We use a lot of carrots so definitely need to get some of those sown asap!

I would like to get some soft fruits too. Thinking Raspberries, blackberries. I haven't got oodles of space in the garden though, so I can't get too much in there!

I also want to grow potatoes as well, need to get some really cheap, large plastic buckets to grow them in first. Asda had some ideal ones, but when I went in I couldn't find them.

Flowers sown are:

Sweet Peas
Basket Sweet Peas

I am all up-to-date with the laundry now, woohoo! lol I have to go through all the boys drawers this week and take out all the stuff that is too small, and then shopping for new stuff!! I love shopping!! :-)

A very dusty and cobweb festooned blog!

November '08 was my last entry! lol

So this blog is basically going to be my boring ramblings, again, lol

Regards to that last post, I do still have ALL my spinning stuff, and a large stash of wool, not cloth nappy-ing now Levi is here and has been for 14 months! I am pregnant again though, one last time before I have to sadly leave that part of my life and move on to helping them all to grow and find their feet in the world! :-)

I love my children so much, they are my life, my inspiration.

I am currently 16 weeks pregnant, I have an anterior placenta which means I can't feel the baby moving much :-( I am so used to feeling my babes moving very early on, that it worries me that I can't feel anything now at 16 weeks, even though I *know* there is a reason for it, I can't help but panic sometimes that something is wrong... I need to rent a doppler so I can check the heartbeat when I am worried.

Hopefully I will keep this up this time. I plan on sharing the recipes that I have tried and loved. I love to cook, even as a kid and even if I do say so myself, I am quite a good cook.

I struggle with managing all the household chores that need doing. I need to develop a rota, group jobs into categories and allocate them to when they need doing i.e. daily, weekly, monthly, etc. Also to work out what jobs the boys can do as part of earning pocket money.

S-J has re inspired me to dust off this blog, so thank you to her! :-) I also ordered a book that she recommended on her blog Happy Housewives from Amazon I got it for £1.81! :-)

I will back later another post.