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Saturday, November 06, 2010


My aunty rang me today, my granny is in hospital, she is very ill, she has so many different complications and having to have so many tests.  I haven't seen her yet, but I am going to see her tomorrow, with my aunty and grandad.

They found out that she had had a heart attack, she has type 2 diabetes and her blood sugar had dropped so low that she went into shock, her liver is failing, she has several stomach ulcers, one of which is bleeding, they managed to treat that as soon as they discovered it, so that alleviated some of the pain she is in, it was a large one and was causing a blockage.  Her fallopian tubes have collapsed causing bleeding and the hospital where she is doesn't have a gynae department so they can't do anything about it there, she has to transfer to another one for treatment for that, but not until she has been treated and recovered (praying oh so hard that she does!).

The positives are that she is now able to drink fluids and the bed that she is in has helped her legs, the swelling was so bad in her leg and foot that she couldn't move her toes, she can now!

Grandad is so worried about her and she is worried about him!