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Monday, May 30, 2011

So much has happened since I last posted!  My Grandad collapsed on the 28th November, he had had a heart attack, he was so ill, all of his organs were failing, he needed surgery but his body was so weak that they couldn't operate.  He passed away on the 29th November.  Devastated.  My Granny, his wife, followed him into the afterlife that very same day.  They were both a huge influence on my life, they were very much like a mum and dad to me.  It still hurts now, it always will to a degree, they were so important to me.  The funeral didn't take place until the 23rd December.  Christmas wasn't full of the festivities that it would have been, we carried on through it for our children, but it was so hard and also plagued with illness within our little family.

When I think of them, I see them as they were when I was a girl, that makes me feel happy, and sad at the same time.............