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Friday, December 09, 2011


So, I have asked Ty that I would like to have one of Ady's classes as a christmas present!  :D  Namely the Dreamy Ladies one!!  :)  I am loving  the Christmas Dolls that I am already a member of, I have learnt alot, and because of what I have learnt, I have been able to create a Christmas card, which I had printed today, and what I should be doing right now is trimming them off, etc!  I have 8 that I NEED to get in the post tomorrow at the latest!!  Another late night for me I think!  lol  I was up until 3.30am last night/morning making and finishing off the wax tarts for DH's coffee morning today!  They sold really well there, and he only bought a few back, which I think I have mostly sold through my facebook!  :)

Thursday, December 08, 2011

Christmas Cards!

I designed a christmas card that I thought I would have printed and sent out to all our friends.  I did it on a square card, so 5x5ins, I took it to the printers and he advised me to rethink the shape, if I go for A6, I'll get 2 cards per sheet of card, whereas with the 5x5in, I'll only get one, lol  So I made another one in A6 size, I will upload it in a moment, if I can get a decent picture!  :)  I need to hurry and get the final design and then printed, as a few of these need to go overseas, and time is seriously running out!!  Eeek!

Sunday, December 04, 2011

I just realised that I can upload photos directly from my laptop as well!  lol  

This picture is my very 1st journal page, I am so excited that it is finished!!!  :)  It is in my large Moleskine sketchbook, which I love!  I have bought a pocket sized one also.  I would like to get a watercolour one as well at some point.  :)

New phone...

sort of, lol  I have had it since June this year!  I have the Samsung Galaxy S and I love it!  I love it eben more now that I have found the google blogger app, and I should be able to upload photos from my phone to here!  I am just going to try it out by uploading a pic of my first completed journal page!!  :)