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Thursday, May 31, 2012

Cardboard Art for Ana

I am also part of a 'cardboard packet art swap' again on doll dreams :) I have already sent off my own packet, I will upload a picture of it!
Today I finished Ana's cardboard art, I draw it the other day and painted it today, took a couple of hours! :) It will be sent off tomorrow morning.

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Doll Dreams basics round robin art journal

I am part of this round robin journal swap, on Doll Dreams on the Ning website, there is a link in right margin, click it to visit this lovely art community! I have just completed my third journal (including my own) I will be sending it off today, next destination Netherlands! :)
My first attempt at blonde hair!!
If you don't know what a round robin is, basically a group of us created our own art journals, painted the covers (I also painted the first pages in mine), then we each send to the person whose name is below our own, they paint in the next 2 pages, then they send it on to the person whose name is below theirs, and so it goes on until the last person gets it ( the person whose name is above mine), so she then sends it back to me when she has added her art to it. So we each then have a journal full of art from different artists from around the world!! Awesome!! :D

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