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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Living in chaos!!

Flower Fairy ATC's done and posted today

Sent off my 2 flower fairy atc's today, at last! Lol Still got to do the chunky pages though, I have almost finished 2, only 20 more to go!!
Still need to get started on Tanya's art journal, feeling a bit stuck there, her theme is Alice in wonderland, would love to do Alice, but there is already Alice's done, lol. What to do?!

Anyhoo here are the atc's

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Monday, June 11, 2012

Finished Ady's flower fairy journal as well now, yay!! Just posted it off to the US this morning! :D

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Finally finished my flower fairy art journal!!

Yay, finally done, and she is on her way to the us!! :)
The front. The beads are swarovski

The back

The inside, first 2 pages, there are 8 of those butterflies, one for each artist to add thoughts to and sign :). As I drew my girl, I felt suddenly inspired that she was mermaid also! :)

Close of up of my mermaid fairy!! :)

Tuesday, June 05, 2012

Taking the flower fairy workshop at Doll Dreams

I am only on week one at the moment, just starting to catch up with all my projects now :)

Drew this fairy tonight, I am really pleased with how she turned out!! :D

The workshop is at Ady is fantastic, so talented!! :)

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Monday, June 04, 2012

4x6 art swap

This is a photo of all the 4x6 little works of art that I received the other day!! :) I can't find a photo of the ones I made and sent out to add here!

They are all so lovely!!! I was so happy when I opened the package :)

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This is the first art journal that I worked on :)

This belongs to Ana and I had the honour of being the 1st person to work in it, I am really proud of these pages!! :). I used prisma color pencils to do the skins tones, and acrylics on the background and clothes, I used a glazing medium and tiny touch of acylic paint over the prisa pencil, I love the effect!! :). Of course I also used glitter!! :D

I drew the background on my flower fairy journal cover last night, I nervously drew violets on a vine going all the way the front and back cover, I say nervously because I haven't drawn violets before.. I was quite pleased with how they came out actually!! :) I drew the leaves as well, lol. Today I will colour, using tombow markers, I love tombow markers, they are so juicy and vibrant, and providing you work quickly (and using the correct paper!) they blend beautifully!!

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Sunday, June 03, 2012

Cardboard Art swap

This is what I sent to my swap participant in the end, I accidentally ruined my first one, I was very sad that I ruined it! :(

Handmade Flower Fairy Journal

Tonight I made my flower fairy journal! I used Fabriano watercolour paper, 140lb for the pages and I can't remember what brand I used for the cover... it is heavier than 140lb though. As it has to be more durable! I draw my little fairy on the cover, not sure what to do for the background yet though.... I want to draw wild violet flowers though, maybe I should just decorate it with a garland of beautiful violets.. :)

It is now 1.29am here, and I am creating/blogging/watching an old black and white movie, Rebecca. I should be in bed, lol

This is the front cover, I decided to secure the binding string on the outside this time, I will be attaching some flower beads to them :)

Friday, June 01, 2012

Finished another cardboard project page tonight, yay!!! :)

She is black/grey and white (camera hasn't picked that up at all!! :/) with bright red lips, as Mavi has requested. I hope she likes what I have done!! :)

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Crazy days

Two more art parcels sent today, yay!!  A DD (doll dreams) basics journal (Angela's), and the other one was Ana's cardboard packet.  I had so much fun!!  :)

I have gotten behind in all my swaps, because my children have been poorly, especially my baby girlie!!  :(  She must have had this awful cough for at least 6 weeks, she gets these bouts of coughing that is so severe that she can't catch her breath, they don't occur as often, but are just as severe!  After being diagnosed as having a viral infection, I took her back to the doctor several times, and the last time he checked her, he can now hear a wheeze on her chest (previously it was clear), she now has Ventolin and a spacer.

So I now have to finish painting another cardboard art page, almost done will finish that tonight!

I have a flower fairy journal to create and send off , argh just checked the date and that should have been sent off by yesterday!!  Will do that over the weekend and send it off on Monday!

I already have someone elses flower fairy journal here to create in!

22 chunky pages to draw, paint and chunkify!