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Friday, June 01, 2012

Crazy days

Two more art parcels sent today, yay!!  A DD (doll dreams) basics journal (Angela's), and the other one was Ana's cardboard packet.  I had so much fun!!  :)

I have gotten behind in all my swaps, because my children have been poorly, especially my baby girlie!!  :(  She must have had this awful cough for at least 6 weeks, she gets these bouts of coughing that is so severe that she can't catch her breath, they don't occur as often, but are just as severe!  After being diagnosed as having a viral infection, I took her back to the doctor several times, and the last time he checked her, he can now hear a wheeze on her chest (previously it was clear), she now has Ventolin and a spacer.

So I now have to finish painting another cardboard art page, almost done will finish that tonight!

I have a flower fairy journal to create and send off , argh just checked the date and that should have been sent off by yesterday!!  Will do that over the weekend and send it off on Monday!

I already have someone elses flower fairy journal here to create in!

22 chunky pages to draw, paint and chunkify!

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